Home Temple With Elephant And Peacock Design

Model: KT 06

Size option 1: Ht 8ft Wd 6ft Depth 2ft        Price:

Size option 2: Ht 7.5 ft Wd 5.5 ft Depth 2 ft       Price 2:

Wood Used: African Ghana Teak Wood

Polish: Three Layer Melamine Polish By Compression Gun

Making Time: 5 To 8 Weeks

Size Customisation: Available

Delivery: Doorstep Delivery Available Anywhere In World

Packing: Three Layer Standard International Packing

Creating a home temple with elephant and peacock designs can add a unique and symbolic touch to your spiritual space. Both elephants and peacocks hold special significance in Hindu culture and spirituality. Elephants are often associated with strength, wisdom, and prosperity, while peacocks are symbols of beauty, grace, and spirituality. Here’s how you can incorporate these designs into your home temple:

Design Elements:

  1. Temple Structure: Choose a temple design that resonates with you and your home’s interior. It could be a standalone structure, wall-mounted, or a simple altar. Traditional styles, like South Indian or Rajasthani designs, might include intricate carvings and details.
  2. Elephant Design: Incorporate elephant motifs in the carvings, engravings, or paintings on the temple. Elephants can symbolize power, loyalty, and prosperity. You can have elephants depicted in various poses, like carrying garlands or blessings.
  3. Peacock Design: Peacocks are known for their vibrant plumage and elegance. Incorporate peacock designs in the temple’s architecture or adornments. Peacock feathers and motifs can be carved or painted onto the temple’s surfaces.
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