Home Temple Design USA

Model: KT 51

Size option 1:Ht 7.5 Ft Wd 4.5 Ft Depth 2 Ft       Price:

Size option 2:Ht 7 Ft Wd 4.25 Ft Depth 2 Ft       Price 2:

Wood Used: African Ghana Teak Wood

Polish: Three Layer Melamine Polish Of Any Colour

Making Time: 7 To 10 Weeks

Size Customisation: Available

Delivery: Available

Packing: Three Layer Standard International Packing

Designing a home temple in the USA can be influenced by a blend of cultural preferences and the available space in your home. Here’s a design that combines elements of traditional and modern aesthetics:

1. Wall Niche Temple: If you have limited space, consider creating a wall niche temple. This design incorporates a small dedicated space within your wall, where you can install a compact temple.


  • Plywood or MDF board
  • Decorative molding
  • LED strip lights
  • Acrylic or glass panel
  • Wood stain or paint
  • Hanging brackets


  1. Identify a wall in a quiet and well-lit area of your home.
  2. Create a niche by removing the plasterboard and framing the opening with decorative molding.
  3. Attach plywood or MDF to the back of the niche as a backdrop.
  4. Install LED strip lights along the inside of the niche for gentle illumination.
  5. Place a wooden platform for the idols or images of deities.
  6. Attach an acrylic or glass panel to the front of the niche to protect the idols.
  7. Decorate the temple with traditional motifs or your preferred design.
  8. Optionally, hang a curtain or decorative fabric in front of the niche to create a sense of privacy when needed.

2. Cabinet-style Temple: For a more discreet option, you can create a cabinet-style temple that integrates seamlessly into your living space.

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